stm 4 way indoors
4 Way Extends STM Versatility
June 7, 2017
s150 metal tubes
New S Series Addition
June 14, 2017

Embarking on a New Future

sellick facilty rendered

Sellick breaks ground on a 120,000 square foot home on 13 acres just steps away from the current facility in Harrow, Ontario. This $20 million state of the art factory shows Sellick’s commitment to the rough terrain marketplace and a continued commitment to our customers.

The new factory, slated to open late 2017 will feature a new assembly and fabrication area along with an outdoor product area where dealers can bring their customers to test drive products and see how they are manufactured. “In order to compete on a global scale we really need to expand and build this state of the art plant,” said CEO Howard Sellick.

“Our current workforce is 75 people and long term this expansion and new plant will allow us to introduce new products which will lead us to employment growth.”

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